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Kin Mokusei (金木犀)

Does this plant look familiar?

If you are in or from Asia, maybe it does. In Japan, it’s known as kin mokusei (金木犀) and it blooms in the autumn. The plant is a big bush or tree and is rather unassuming… until it blooms.

In my opinion, this flower is one of the sweetest, best smelling flowers that exists. The aroma fills the air as you walk by one of these bushes and you look around wondering where it’s coming from. A lot of people have these planted in their yards and I can understand why.

I was not familiar with this smell before coming to Japan but now I always look forward to when these bloom. This year we got lucky and they bloomed twice, a rarity.

From what I’ve learned, these plants are only native to Asia so if you’re from a western country, I hope you get the chance to experience this flower smell.