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The cat boom in Japan

Do you know that since the 2010s, Japan is having a big cat boom? Cat-related content, such as a cat stationary and many products have a cat motif. It has contributed to the economy a lot, especially to the travel industry and retail trade. In recent year, the percentage of cats as a pet has exceeded the rate of dogs. Even in the 2020s, the cat is becoming more and more popular in Japan.

These photos are some cat motif goods I bought recently. The first one is a piece of bread, which is made in the shape of a cat and has a cat face printed on the package. The reason I bought it was simple: too cute! The second one is a box of cake. A siamese cat was designed on the box and I was thinking I can reuse the box after I ate the cakes. The third one is a mini plant. It has a cat plain pot and I really feel the healing effect from it! I just can’t wait to see the clover spring out.

If you are also a cat lover, why not try to find some cute cat products?