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A Renovated Space Under a Railway

Okachimachi is an area next to the famous Ueno Station, with some old traditional department stores and street shops. Recently it has a new shopping mall and movie theater and is now popular in both younger and elder people.

I went to Okachimachi last week and discovered a fantastic space! It is called “2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN”, which is a new shopping street under the railway between Okachimachi Station and Akihabara Station. Different from other shopping streets in Japan, the shops are all new and fashionable. Many of them are selling goods that are made In Japan. There are also some famous cafes and restaurants here and the atmosphere is really relaxing.

Many people’s image of the under railway spaces may be old and dirty shops or warehouses. After all, this is my first time to know of such a new and wonderful space under the railway. If you have not been to old streets for a long time, there may be something new and surprising for you to discover.