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IC card – “Welcome Suica”

Hi, this is Sathi!

It is starting to get chilly here in Tokyo, hope you are all keeping warm!!

In Japan, many payments are still by cash. Of course we have credit cards, and are gradually shifting to online payments. One of the most popular payments is by IC card. 

IC cards are rechargeable cards that can be used to conveniently pay fares on public transportation and to make payments at many vending machines, shops and restaurants by simply touching the card on a reader. They can be recharged at ticket machines and special re-charging machines found at railway stations and other strategically meaningful locations.

I was very interested, and got one of these! It is called a “Welcome Suica”

I love this design! If you are interested, and planning to buy one, just be careful that it expires in 28 days!!

Stay tuned for more of Sathi!