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Can’t wait to see the Cherry Blossom Forecast!

Japan is famous for cherry blossoms but did you know that you can even see the cherry blossom forecast in the weather news in Japan?

As shown in this picture below, we can see areas on the map showing the blooming date of cherry blossoms all over the country. Basically, this line will appear from the south and move toward the north every year. That’s why people call it “Cherry Blossom Front”.

This forecast will tell us the dates of the cherry blossom season in detail- from “begin blooming”, “full bloom” and “begin falling”. There are sample trees in the famous spots and near the meteorological observatory, which weather forecasters are using to make these predictions. If there are 5 to 6 flowers bloomed, it is considered that the cherry blossoms in that area have “begun blooming”. If 80% of flowers of the sample tree bloomed, it will be reported “full blooming”. With this information, we can see a very detailed forecast of the cherry blossoms.

This year’s cherry blossom forecast will soon be broadcast. Go see the nearby cherry blossoms when you see on the weather news that the forecast says they are in full bloom!