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Strawberry Season in Japan

Do you like strawberries? In Japan, you’ll pay a premium for strawberries, even when they are in season. I’m from California and in the summertime you can buy pallets of strawberries for CHEAP! When I first came to Japan I was shocked at how expensive fruit was in general… mangos, melon, strawberries especially, will cost you.

The price is high, but so is the quality. You can buy average strawberries during the season for around 400-500 yen for one package. The higher quality ones will be over 1000 yen, however. Some fruit stands will sell one strawberry for 300 yen or 2 for 500! Just one berry!

The strawberry season is actually winter in Japan and it is very very difficult to find any out of season, so it’s better to enjoy them as much as you can during the season.

I tried growing some in a pot last summer but didn’t really have much luck. I think I got 2-3 strawberries total. The rest were eaten by bugs. I think I’ll stick to flowers in my garden!