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Christmas Cake

Japan has many holidays unique to Japan. Not only that, but there are many western holidays that are celebrated here but in ways that are also unique to Japan.

Christmas is a popular holiday, but mainly for dating. It is nice to have a date for Christmas eve and go out and enjoy a fancy dinner (and enjoy the beautiful illumination too).

Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is also popular. So popular that you should reserve your bucket of chicken ahead of time or you may not get any. Back in the 80s or 90s KFC did a Christmas campaign in Japan to eat their chicken on Christmas and it was a hit. Now it is a very well-known tradition.

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Christmas Cake is also a popular tradition in Japan. Strawberries are a winter fruit here so they are in season. Christmas Cake is traditionally a strawberry shortcake. You should also reserve this well in advance. Even 7 Eleven Japan does Christmas Cake orders and they sell out the week before Christmas.

Christmas in Japan; Weird or Cool? | TokyoTreat: Japanese Candy & Snacks  Subscription Box

This year I am making my own Christmas Cake from scratch. It is the first time for me to make a sponge cake… so wish me luck!