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Coming of Age Day

Japan just celebrated the Coming of Age Day. This year the holiday was on January 11th. On this day all of the young adults who are 20 years old (or will turn 20 years old this year) are celebrated as becoming of age.

It is a holiday for the whole country and is celebrated widely, as it helps these young people realize they are now adults and encourages them as they enter society.

Coming of Age Day in Japan |
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Girls dress in beautiful kimono and the young men wear traditional hakama or dress suits. The events they attend are put on by the government and they are invited based on place of residency. For the majority, this means attending with all of their friends and peers that they have grown up with. After the event, groups of friends head out for parties to continue the celebration.

On this day you can see many young people walking around in their kimonos and suits. Unfortunately it is a little different this year because of the pandemic. Most events were cancelled and some were held online. As you can imagine, this is disappointing for these young people and their families as this event is something they grow up looking forward to.