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Cooked Fish Dishes

March seems so complicated in Japan. Some days are super warm like June, and then it’s suddenly freezing like January! I hope you are all healthy and safe, wherever you are!!

In Japan, I feel that many restaurants tend to have so many fish dishes. Maybe because of culture? For example, like Sushi and Sashimi, people even like to eat it raw! I believe it has been a major part of the Japanese culture.

Today is not about raw fish, but cooked fish dishes. Tokyo is still on lock down now, so I haven’t been able to visit this restaurant for a while, but I’m craving it  just looking at these pictures! 

The 1st picture is the red snapper. The rice has been cooked and mixed with red snapper, and on top, is seared red snapper! I love how Japanese food is so detailed and  sophisticated!! I feel the perfection and craftsmanship of the Japanese people and culture, in just this one dish! 

Hope to share more of the Craftsmanship of Japan!