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Dried persimmon

Spring is all around, and I hope everyone is feeling the positive and nice air around!!

This was back in Autumn, but I was walking past a Soba noodle restaurant the other day, and was wondering what this was. I thought they were oranges being hanged, from far away. But looking closer, they were persimmons being dried!

Persimmons were actually something new to me… I don’t know how to explain it, but first I was not so much of a fan. I once had it with ham, and from there, I started to love it!!

After seeing this hanged persimmon, I got super interested and tried a dried persimmon. It is far sweeter than the fresh persimmon, and tastes so different! By the way, nowadays, I am a fan of both fresh and dried persimmon!!

Stay tuned for more exciting Japan!