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Getting Around by Bicycle

Having a bicycle in Japan is so convenient! The towns and cities are set up in a way that makes it easy to walk or ride everywhere. Compared to America where it’s literally been designed around roads and cars, it’s nice to be able to walk or bike wherever you want to go without needing a car. Walking is easy enough but having a bicycle is fantastic! It’s so refreshing to be on a bike and you get around faster too.

Japanese Mamachari and Kelly

Mamachari – short for “mama chariot” is a popular and affordable style of bike in Japan. Electric-assist bikes are also popular and although they aren’t cheap, they are amazing for getting around, especially for older people or families with young kids. They have a battery on them and will help you power up hill or whenever you need a little boost. It’s great to be able to go to stores or destinations a little farther than you’d want to walk. I also love going on rides to the park or river. Many roads have bike lanes but even if they don’t, it’s acceptable to ride on the sidewalk or street without issue.

Japanese Electric-assist bicycle

I recommend a bike to anyone living in Japan! It’s a fun, healthy and clever way to get around.