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Having dinner under the wing of a Boeing 787♪

During my 1 week business trip to the Chubu International Airport, I found a fantastic facility called “Flight of Dreams”. One day, when I finished my work, I saw a sign that said there are restaurants open in Terminal 2. It’s a little far from the airport train station, but I just followed the path until I arrived and was so surprised with this amazing spot! It was a food court where you can have dinner under the wing of Boeing 787!

The aircraft exhibited here is the first Boeing 787 in the world. 35% of its components were made in Japan, and transported to the factory in Seattle. After it finished many test flights the Boeing donated this aircraft to Chubu International Airport. Therefore, most of the restaurants here are Seattle style, including Starbucks which has it’s head office is in Seattle.

Due to the pandemic, it is not possible to go inside the aircraft now. Only the restaurants are open. However, the airport is planning to reopen the facilities in the future. I hope next time I go to Chubu International Airport, I can visit “Flight of Dreams” again and enjoy even more.