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Japanese Pottery (Part 2)

So, this is continuing from my previous blog, on Japanese pottery!

I was sharing the plates that I got in a random pottery shop the other day, and realized that I had made my own, a while ago.

I went to a pottery class with my friends, and we made these from clay. These are from 2 separate classes. For both of them, after we made the shape from special clay, the pottery is baked and dried in a special kiln.

The black ones I made by using a spinning wheel “Rokuro”, and the green -bluish just by hand. They look very authentic and legit! I love these, and use this for my Japanese noodles “Soba”! The green-bluish ones, the left is a small and narrow single flower vase, and the right one is an accessory case so I can put my earrings or necklace that I often use.

It has been a while since I have made these… I wish I had a “Rokuro” at home! Then I would be able to make so many, since I have to “stay home” now! I should consider!!

Stay tuned for more of Sathi!