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More Sakura

Just when you think the sakura posts are done… here’s one more! I can’t help but share about the different kinds of sakura. These special types of sakura trees bloom later than the rest so when the season seems over, you may still spot a few of these trees in full bloom.

The special thing about these types of sakura are the blossoms. A typical sakura flower has 5 petals but the kanzan type can have up to 50 on one flower! There is another type called kikuzakura that can have even more – 80-130 petals on one flower. Because of this the trees are full of PINK! It’s so pretty!

There are other types of rare or special sakura. Another type I like is the weeping sakura trees. Apparently there is a famous one in Fukushima prefecture that is more than 1000 years old! I’ve never been up to Fukushima but maybe I’ll get to see it one day.