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Fugu (or pufferfish/blowfish in English) is a famous Japanese delicacy. It is celebrated as a delicacy because of the risk associated with eating it. These fish release a toxin that is poisonous to humans so the chefs need to be specially trained to remove the poisonous areas in a way that doesn’t contaminate the meat. There was a time in Japanese history when eating this fish was banned since it wasn’t known how it was killing people. Even today, the Japanese royal family is not allowed to eat fugu for the risk associated with it.

In Japan it is fairly easy to find a fugu restaurant and it is available as sashimi in most sushi restaurants. Some restaurants are specifically fugu restaurants where you can order a course of fugu prepared in many different ways. 

This was the first way I experienced fugu. The many courses include sashimi, fried, boiled, grilled, in soup and even the skin. It actually tastes a lot like chicken and is not very “fishy” so if you are not a big fan of fish or sushi, I would recommend trying fugu if you’re in Japan. It is a unique experience that is hard to find in most of the world. 

At this restaurant the photo was taken there were live fugu swimming. I asked the chef if it’s easy for them to puff up so he aggravated it and if puffed right up!