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Stylish magnet kitchen items

In Japan, if you’re living in a rental apartment, most of the landlords will not allow residents to renovate the interior, especially those that will punch a hole on the wall, or hurt the original wallpaper.

These rules are well kept by most of the residents. I think it’s because there are so many nice items made for home decor made to not destroy the walls.

One example is nice magnet products for kitchen items and displays like hooks, shelves, small containers, etc. You can even buy magnet wallpaper to cover the old one so that it’s not ruined. Many new apartments also have a magnet wall between the range hood and the cooking stove. People can use these magnet items to decorate and display their kitchen accordingly without making a hole.

Besides magnet items, there are still many items for rental home decor in Japan to reach the needs of people who don’t own property. More and more stylish items are being designed and produced. Even those who living in their own houses are becoming more interesting to use these kind of things to decorate their home to keep it in good shape.

Strict rules can force us to creative and innovative, don’t you think?