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Hi there, it’s me Sathi!! Not Sushi!!

I think most people know that “Sushi” is one of the most famous dishes in Japan! It is my favorite, and yes, it sounds like my name!!

There are many kinds of Sushi; like Sushi Rolls, Chirashi-Sushi, and more! My favorite is the classic Sushi, tho! Simple is best!! It feels so authentic and luxurious just eating it, and of course pricey at the same time, but super satisfying!!

It must take so much time to become a Sushi chef. I have seen on TV how they go through their training. Maybe it also links to the Japanese culture and tradition, but I have never seen a super talkative or funky Sushi chef! They all seem to be super silent and observant!

Going back to Sushi, and not the Sushi chef! So these Sushi are all Tuna!! On the left is “Seared Tuna”, and the right is “Super Fatty Tuna”. I love the way the Seared is, how the roastiness goes through your nose when it’s in your mouth, and how the Super Fatty almost melts in your mouth!!   They were both so delicious!! Hmm craving for them again already!! 

Gotta go for now!!