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American Food in Japan

In the world’s biggest cities, it is usual to find all types of food from many different companies, but the host country always puts their own twist on it.

Chinese food in Japan is different than Chinese food in America and both are different than actual Chinese food in China. This goes for all types of cuisine.

What exactly is American cuisine? It’s a tough question because America is made up of people from all different backgrounds… but I think we can agree hamburgers are an American food.

More and more quality hamburger shops are popping up around Japan. Until recently, you could really only find them at McDonalds or other fast food chains.

There is a place near me that not only has good burgers, but also authentic milkshakes (another hard to find item in Japan).

I’m the type that loves pineapple on their pizza and burger… and pretty much any food although I seem to be in the minority on that one.

What do you consider American food?