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Club Activities

boys playing soccer at the elementary school one evening

What do club activities look like where you live? What image does that term “club activity” bring to mind? Although it sounds like English, it really isn’t a common term in the US. We have clubs and activities, of course but usually just refer to them as hobbies or extracurricular activities.

In Japan Club Activities are a huge part of the culture. Starting in elementary school kids are not only encouraged but basically required to join in an activity – whether it be a sport, musical instrument, art club etc. From Jr. high school and into high school, kids devote extra time every day to their activity of choice.

For the most part, kids will go to practice everyday after school and even on Saturdays and Sundays with their club or team. It’s a huge time commitment!

I think there are many benefits that come out of being a part of a club and being part of a team, however I am not sure if requiring it everyday on every type of kid is a good thing. Maybe it’s a cultural difference? What do you think?