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COVID – “Thermo”

Hi, this is Sathi!

The leaves are starting to change colors – Autumn leaves, so beautiful!!

I guess this is something not just in Japan, but because of COVID many offices are setting different types of thermometers for COVID symptoms check and prevention. 

The one in our office looks like this!

We also have a thermometer which is a gun type. You point it at your forehead and it instantly takes your temperature. That kind is convenient for events because we can easily transport them, but this standing one at the entrance of our office is really cool! First you put your hand in front of the sensor and it measures your temperature from your hand/wrist and then you put your hands under it and it automatically sprays your hands with alcohol to kill any germs.

Of course we are all taking extra precautions because of COVID right now but we are also coming into the normal flu season so it’s good to be extra cautious.

Stay tuned for more of Sathi!