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Ginza underground

I hope everyone is staying safe at home!

Currently around Tokyo, we are still banned to stay inside and at home, by the state of emergency. So this is a throwback, when we did not have the banning to go outside.

I hadn’t noticed that things had become so much nicer in many places in the city! I guess many rebuilds and constructions were held, since we were planning to have the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (Not that I want to talk about Mr. Mori, and the step down from his post after making sexist remarks that sparked global outrage..)

Not only this Ginza underground path, but there must have been so many changes in the city! I can’t wait to go out and see the changes, but it must be so weird, as if I might feel like I am “Lost in Translation”!! 

Can’t wait and so excited to get out, but of course staying home for now!!