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Mount Fuji

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about Mount Fuji when talking about Japan? It is one of the most iconic images of the country and you can find it represented everywhere. 

Let’s start with a small introduction:  Name: Mount Fuji / Fuji – san / 富士山 Location: On the border of Yamanashi prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture (about 100 km from Tokyo, access by train or car)  Type: Volcano  Height: 3,776 m

View from Kawaguchi Lake

Most of us imagine Mount Fuji with snow on top, but do you know that it takes on different aspects with each season? 

Here are my favorite views of Mount Fuji during summer, from Yamanashi prefecture! 

My advice to enjoy the area is to drive there and go around with no plan, stop wherever and whenever you want to experience the beauty of nature!! 

In addition, it is a good location to escape the heat of Tokyo, as the air is fresher!  What do you think of Mount Fuji without snow ? : )