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The birds you often see in Japan

The birds you can often see in Japan are mainly pigeons or crows. Compared to the cute, round pigeons, you will be surprised by the size of the crows flying low. Even downtown, you can see a big crowd of crows like in this picture.

It is said that the crow is the most clever bird in the world. They can make plans before taking action, recognize different people, and even learn something by observing. I saw a news story about a Japanese person who was constantly being attacked by crows because he had played a prank on a crow. The crows know there is more food in the city compared to other areas. The crowds of crows in the city is a big problem for the government. Since they are smart birds, the government has to change the method of extermination from time to time.

In the mythology of ancient Egypt, old China and Japan, crows are a symbol of the sun and has 3 legs. The symbol mark of Japan Football Association is a 3 legged crow. The interesting thing about the crow is, it could be a symbol of both good and bad luck in the same country.

In Japan, it is forbidden to catch a crow on the street. As the crow is such a clever animal who will retaliate, you may received the punishment from not only the law but also the crow. So, be careful.