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Chinese Food in Japan

There are many Chinese restaurants in Japan, but just like most foreign cuisine, it is adapted to Japan so I can’t speak for the authenticity.

Most of the Chinese restaurants I see in Japan are cheap, almost like fast food, which is similar to the United States. Although in Japan they typically aren’t the take-away style and they sell alcohol.

However, there are some really good options that don’t seem like fast food! I came across a good Chinese restaurant near my office that offers great lunch specials. The food quality is really nice and impressive for the lunch price.

This photo is their version of fried chicken. It had a nice sauce and seasonal vegetables. It was definitely an elevated version of fried chicken! This meal which also included iced tea, rice and soup cost 850 yen (less than $8 USD).

American Chinese food is totally different than Japanese Chinese food and I’ve never been to China so I can’t say I’ve had the real thing, but it is interesting to see different countries take on food from other countries.

Although Japan is famous for having great, high quality local and traditional dishes, I’m thankful for the option of different types of food from around the world – even if it has a Japanese spin!