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Japanese Pottery – 1

How are you starting your New Years?

Me? I randomly walked in a shop the other day, and found a nice pottery collection! I love this shop! Not only does it have classic pottery, but Japanese unique designed plates!

Here are some of the plates that I bought! They actually have meanings!!

The twisted plates in knots are “Kissho-Musubi”, and they are Auspicious Knots! It means to tie good luck and prayers!

The fish shape plates in the bottom are called “Tai”, and it is good luck in Japan!

The lady-face plate on the bottom, is called “Otafuku”. She has a small and low nose, high flat forehead, and bulging cheeks, but despite her looks, she is supposed to bring lots of fortunate things!

I wanted to share with you these wonderful Japanese meanings, and hope you are feeling the love and luck that I am sending to you, via this blog!!!

Hmm, maybe I can share with you, the Japanese pottery class and pottery that I made, in my next post! 

Stay tuned for more of Sathi!!