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Living in Japan during the pandemic

The pandemic has really shaped the last 2 years of life for everyone on a global scale, and living in a foreign country during a global pandemic has been an experience in itself.

If you’ve been wanting to travel or move to Japan over the last two years, I’m sure you’ve been following the border restrictions and you know that Japan has been totally closed to visitors/ tourists and even people with student or business visas have been restricted from entering.

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Even for Japanese nationals and residents of Japan, it has been difficult to return to Japan. There has been a strict quarantine period of 2 weeks for the majority of the last 2 years, making it very hard to leave Japan and come back. Taking time off to visit your home country plus 2 extra weeks to quarantine is not very realistic for many people. Not only that, but specific testing is also required during specific timeframes and the tests for travelers is much more expensive than if you’re sick and need a test.

Recently there is a lot of pressure on Japan to ease the restrictions not only for quarantine but also on the borders. The government seems to be making changes, so this is good news to those of us who have not been able to visit our home countries since before the pandemic began.

I hope it won’t be long until the country will open up to tourists again!